Small Class Sizes

Our classes never have more than five students so each child gets a great amount of attention. There is no subsititute for getting the proper technique early on. Small class sizes, correct equipment and a knowledgable coach are essential in making this happen.

Ages 4-10

Students are always grouped by age. For the youngest of students we make it active and fun. Ball control drills, racket drills, foot work and technique are all part of the curriculum. Older students are grouped by age and ability.

For All Abilities

We separate each class by level to ensure your child gets the most out of the session. Our beginners are developing technique and our more advanced students are using that technique in fast paced drills and games. Our camp friendship site is a larger court for the older and more advanced players

My daughter, Olivia, who never played tennis before, now loves it because of Coach Ana. After playing at summer camp for the first time, she came home and told me she wanted to take tennis the whole year with Ana which shows the great impact she has made on her. Ana has been able to connect with her through fun games, patience and nurturing.


Park slope mom to O.

We couldn't be happier that we found Coach Andre and Pop Up Tennis. Classes are small (and reasonably priced!) and kids get personal attention. Andre makes lessons fun with an impressive variety of drills, and it's clear that he brings a lifetime of experience to his teaching. The kids really learn how to play tennis, all in an atmosphere of fun.

Ali B.


Andre is simply amazing with kids. Patient, engaging and encouraging. Our son Thomas 5 years enjoys the sessions with Andre and learns the basics of tennis with a smile on his face. And as a parent, I feel like Andre is giving me a lesson too about how to motivate and engage with my kids. I can only say it again, Andre is the best person to run such a program!

Dirk M.

Carroll Gardens Dad to T

About Coach Andre and Ana

Coach Andre is an accomplished tournament player with extensive professional tennis coaching experience. He was a head pro at Manhattan Plaza Racquet Club and has taught tennis at Indiana University, Columbia University and Roosevelt Island Racquet Club.

Andre is a certified member of the Professional Tennis Registry since 1999. He has held USTA tournament rankings in Michigan, Indiana and New York. In addition, Andre has been teaching music to elementary aged students at P.S. 183 in Manhattan for the last 12 years. He holds a Master's degree from Columbia Teachers College.

Ana was the head coach for Lehman College Men and Womens team. She has coached at the John McEnroe Tennis Academy, the Tennis Federation of Madrid and many other venues. She was a stand out player for the University of Maryland, ranked top 100 in Division I singles. Ana has a 10 and under certification through the USPTR.

Tennis Philosophy

The pillars of our program include creating a community and developing a deep love of the game.

Our community developed with ten families. These families told their friends and so on. These families were encouraging, loving, fun and just plain amazing people. In our classes we promote these same qualities. We are not competitive, we are always respectful and encouraging, and we have a lot of fun.

Tennis is a dynamic sport. If you put the player with the best footwork and the worst strokes against the player with the worst footwork and the best strokes, the former will always win. Our approach gets them moving right off. Through various drills and games, they are developing their hand-eye coordination and learning to follow the ball. I always joke with the kids, “if you don’t want to move, play golf.”

We add technique as the child and the class develop. The forehands, backhands, volleys, overheads and serves are taught with extensive expertise and brought to the dynamic game of tennis. Our intermediate and advanced students always amaze me with the beauty of their strokes.

Tennis is a game for life. I hope our approach makes your children love tennis in a deep, profound way and that they continue to play throughout their amazing lives.


Coach Andre


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