Covid Protocols for Pop Up Tennis Kids

1. Masks must be worn at all times and hand sanitizer will be used for the start and end of lessons. Please don't send your child to the lesson if they are not feeling healthy or have any known covid symptoms.

2. Bring your own water bottles and rackets. Please label your racket so we don't get them mixed up. is a great site if you need a racket.

3. One labeled ball per student will be provided, and we ask that you try your best to bring that ball back every week. This will be the ball your child touches for various games, drills and serving practice.

4. We share the bucket of balls. We ask that your child does not touch any of these balls. When we collect balls, students kick them or use their rackets to get them to a designated location. Only the coaches will touch the communal balls.

5. When we do use cones for the "cone catch" game, I will sanitize them before the lesson.

6. At Camp Friendship, one class will leave and there will be a period of time between each lesson before the next class starts. Please wait outside before your lesson and I will invite you in:)

7. At Camp Friendship, a contactless temperature check will be required before entering. 99.5 degrees is the cutoff.

8. At Camp Friendship, parents are not allowed to enter the gym.


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